Construction industry is among the pillar of world’s economy, safety which require quality measures at all angles with timely completion of the projects. Construction equipment’s are used in structural construction, road construction, mining and etc. The construction equipment’s require critical and complex castings and precision machined components because the machines used in construction industry perform high load tasks like surface exploration, core drilling, paving, excavating, movement of heavy materials etc.

The Preferred Supplier of Critical Castings and Complex Precision machined components for Construction Equipment
Ashok Iron Group supplies broad range of critical and complex castings and precision machined components to global market leaders in construction industry.
Ashok Iron Group is the only manufacture in India who supplies for domestic and export the single-cylinder to 16-cylinder engine block, single to 6-cylinder heads. We are the one in India who can manufacture engine blocks, engine heads, and transmission housings of weight ranging from 20 Kg to 2500 Kg per piece.
Our dedicated production lines make us a first choice as a supplier by Construction Industry Leaders at global footprint. For example, we have the dedicated lines for our customers Caterpillar, Atlas Copco, Perkins and Simpson. The parts we produce goes mainly in Excavators, Compressors and other Off-Highway Segments.

Typical Products for Industrial Equipment’s are below:

  • Compressors
  • Engine & Cylinder Blocks
  • Engine and Cylinder Heads
  • Housings

Power Transmission

Power transmission involves the bulk movement of types of energies from a generating site, such as a power station or power plant, to the substation then transformed and distributed to consumers or other substations. A leading global supplier of World-Class products in the power transmission market.
Our foundry setups backed by 6 strong machine shops together provide a remarkably wide range of sizes, volumes, and designs, catering to even hi-tech and world class product requirements. Ashok Iron Group always build long term relationship with customers by providing value to them. We manufacture key products to serve Power Transmission market based on value proposition of our Business Strategy.

Typical Products for Power Transmission Equipment’s are below:

  • Housings
  • Assembly


Railways enhance the access consumer and resource markets have to goods and passengers, which in turn contributes to economic development and rising land values, and influences industry locations across the world. Locomotive industry helps Railways to perform non-stop tasks and duties to keep supply chain busy all time. A Preferred Supplier of High-Complexity products to Locomotive Industry Leaders. Our manufacturing capabilities of sand casting and precision machining allow us to make high-quality, Critical & complex components for the Locomotive Industry capable of matching/meeting industry
standards and customer requirements.

Typical Products for Locomotive Equipment’s are below:

  • Radiators
  • Engine & Cylinder Blocks
  • Engine and Cylinder Heads


Marine Industry uses state-of-the-art marine equipment to manage everything from engine components to steering systems for higher level operational efficiency and to avoid equipment malfunctions and downtime to stay level at their scheduled timeline.
A Leading Mission-Critical Components Supplier to Marine Industry Leaders. At Ashok Iron Group, we offer wide range of critical components to our Customers in the Marine Industry market. Our CNC precision machining setup has 4-axis and 5-axis machines as per cutting-edge standards. Laboratory testing standards are followed to check material strength and other parameters.

Typical Products for Marine Equipment’s are below:

  • Radiators