Ashok Iron Group continuously upgrading its machining facilities year by year by keeping different product focus. We have strong 6 machining facilities lines to cater customers for their variety of products. The machining lines are either dedicated or shared among the products manufactured. The capacity of individual machining lines to manufacture products ranges from 3000/per annum to 60000/per annum on the basis of size and volume requirements.
At Ashok Iron Group the manufacturing technology is designed to optimize the cost and provide reliable high-quality products. We use cutting edge technology for the machining process through a right combination of machines, fixtures and cutting tools. The technical team work continuously to reduce the machining times to improve the efficiency and results.

Ashok Iron Group Machining Divisions:

Cylinder Block & Head Machining Division

Cylinder Block Machining Division

Machining and Assembly Division

Jayhind Engineering

Progressive Engineering – II

Standard Engineering

We machine the parts under one roof at all machining facilities. The parts are processed through multiple machining operations as per industry norms & standard machining process before sending to Ready-for-Dispatch (RFD) section.

Ashok Iron Group’s ability as the machining expert is defined by its dedicated machining lines for different customers. We do machining of cylinder blocks ranging from smallest 3-Cylinder and 4-Cylinder to largest 12-Cylinder and 16-Cylinder, also we machine cylinder heads from single cylinder to 6 cylinders precisely. We manufacture fully machined Heavy-Duty crankshafts of 12- and 16-cylinder engines length 2.5 mtr.
Our Zeiss CMM machine setup provides the superior accurate inspection of parts at Ashok Iron Group.


The quality control is ensured through inspection processes and standard practices.

CNC Machines:

  • Starrag Heckert – Horizontal Machining Center pallet size 1250 mm
  • Mitsubishi 5 face Machining Centre.
  • Doosan Horizontal Machining Center with pallet size of 1250 mm.,
  • CNCs from leading brands like Moriseike, Makino, Hyundia, & Mazak, AMS.

Special Purpose Machines (SPM):

  • Liner Boring Machines
  • Cam & Crank Boring Machines
  • Cap Gap Milling machines
  • Grinding Machines
  • Honing Machines
  • Leak Test Machines
  • Washing Machines