Heavy Duty crankshafts of 12 & 16 Cylinder Engines length 2.5 mtr are fully machined and ready to use.

From Raw forgings to turning, heat treatment, grinding, finishing, washing and packing.    

The facility deploys high end & specialized CNCs & SPMs.

  • GFM make CNC Milling SPM for Crankshaft Pin Milling.

  • EMA make Semi Automation CNC Induction Hardening for Crank Journal & Pin Dia& Radius Induction Hardening.

  • Naxos make Fully Automatic 7 axis CNC Cylindrical Grinding for Crank Pin Finish Grinding.

  • Fully Automatic 2 Axis CNC Superfinishing SPM for Crank Pin & Journal Lapping.

  • Abro make Dynamic Balancing Machine for Crankshaft Balancing.

  • Fully Automatic Crankshaft Washing SPM for Crankshaft finish Washing.



Apart from online quality checks during the manufacturing process quality control is ensured via two Inspection & Standards Rooms  

  • BAKER-Auto Gauging Semi Automatic Dia Inspection Gauge for inspection of Crankshaft diameter

  • Microscopic Thread Root Inspection using an Abrasive Cutting & Lapping Machine

  • Millipore Partical inspection for cleanliness,

  • Induction Harden Case depth Inspection using Micro Vicker Hardness Tester,

  • Crankshaft Fillet Radius & Profile & Roughness inspection using Talyor Hobbson Profiling Machine are done.