As we are living in era of radically transformation/prising transformation in the automotive sector. Ashok Iron Group is the largest producer of castings needed for automotive industry.Our castings, patterns and precision machined components are manufactured to meet industry standards. We continue investing in the latest and innovative manufacturing technologies. We take pride in our highly skilled workforce, automated and dedicated lines. We are the India’s 1st company having a fully integrated setup from the 3D casting model to design and manufacturing of a pattern and fully finished castings.

Automotive Sand Casting:

Sand casting is the major technique in the automotive industry and customers always look for a partner supplier for their projects. Here, we deliver both castings & patterns as per customer’s customization requirements with next generations compatibility. We are the leading manufacturer of castings and patterns of fully finished and semi-finished products.

Typical sand castings that AIW produce and supply to automotive markets are:
• Engine Blocks
• Engine Heads
• Cylinder Blocks
• Cylinder Heads
• Housings
• Pipe Connectors

Automotive Precision Machining:

Automotive Industry require high quality, accuracy, high performance components to compete in today’s market and expect high volume supply on-time delivery. Ashok Iron Group is serving the automotive market with quality to meet Customers’ requirements with on-time delivery.

Typical automotive components that Ashok Iron Group produce and supply to automotive markets are:
• Engine Blocks
• Engine Heads