In order to enable us to cater to a variety of products requiring different technologies, sizes & volumes….our foundry setup consists of three different foundries namely Plant 1, Plant 2 & Plant 3.

All these three foundries have differing infrastructure to suit a wide & varying range of product requirements & enables us to generate high level quality at optimal costs. Induction melting, Spectrometer, lab facilities, cold box technology for core manufacturing & finishing set up are used across the foundries with adequate level of automation to suit the products manufactured. The project engineering teams continuously work towards efficiency improvement and adopting the latest equipments to keep driving the foundries towards excellence 

Plant 1 is a green sand foundry with a capacity of 20,000 tons per annum having 4 jolt squeeze moulding lines, manufacturing medium volume Grey & SG Iron Transmission Housings, Engine Blocks & other castings products. These products have a weight range of 20 kgs to 150 kgs per piece. Furthermore, Plant 1 has a nobake floor moulding line to manufacture castings upto 500 kgs per piece.

Plant 2 is a no bake sand foundry with capacity of 25,000 tons per annum having fast loop and floor moulding lines, manufacturing low & medium volume Grey, Alloyed Grey & SG Iron heavy duty Engines Blocks, Heads & Housings. These products have a weight range of 20 kgs to 2500 kgs per piece. The uniqueness of the set up is that the sand used for core making is 100% thermally reclaimed. Today, Plant 2 is the largest producer and market leader in the heavy duty Engine Blocks & Heads segment in India. The foundry specializes in manufacture of a number of V type Engine Blocks weighing upto 2500 kgs per piece in Grey & SG Iron. Plant 2 takes the pride of manufacturing the most complex 6 Cylinder Engine Head weighing 170 kgs which is one of its kind in India.

Plant 3 is a green sand automated foundry with a capacity of 30,000 tons per annum having a high pressure moulding line, manufacturing high & medium volume Grey Iron Engine Blocks, Heads & Transmission Housings. Here we manufacture products  with weight range of 20 kgs to 270 kgs per piece.