Machine Shops

AIW has well established Machine Shops with a judiciuous mix of Single Purpose
Machines (SPMs), CNC Machines, Dedicated Machining Lines, Flexible Machining
Lines, etc. for machining of all the components manufactured. As a result, AIW
is one of the only Foundry supplying semi finished / finished / ready to assemble
components to its customers. 


Feature 1

Conventional Machines, CNC Machines, Single Purpose Machines And Dedicated Lines For Machining Tractor Components.

Feature 2

FlexibleCNC  MachiningCentres - Horizontal,  Vertical.

Feature 3

Facility For Semifinishing  Of 'V' Type Cylinder Blocks  Upto 16 Cylinder, Weight Upto 3 Tonnes Per Piece.

Feature 4

Setup For Fully Finishing Crankshafts For Engines Of 12 / 16 Cylinders.

Feature 5

Well  Equipped Metrology Lab With Zeiss Make 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine.

Feature 6

Jig Boring  Machines Including SIP Make CNC Jig Boring Machine.

Feature 7

Dedicated Facility   For   Machining,  Assembling,  And Performance Testing Of Water Pumps.

Feature 8

Dedicated Facility For Manufacture Of Lubricating Oil Pumps.