Development centre is manned by a team of Specialist Engineers with wide experience in areas like Gating & risering Systems, Special Metallurgy, Lean Machining Setups etc. They collaborate with the manufacturing and quality teams to design & develop the processes which are optimal & world class.    

These specialist engineers work on the latest Design Software like AutoCAD Mechanical & Invertor LT Suite for 2D Modelling, Unigraphics NX, Solid Edge, Pro E, for 3D modeling, Magma Soft for Metal Flow & Core Simulation & Unigraphics CAM NX, Master Cam & DNC Cimco for CAM.

  • Simulation of Metal Flow and Core manufacturing.

  • Design and manufacturing foundry toolings through CAD/CAM route.

  • Design and manufacturing of Fixtures for castings & machining 

  • Quality inspection through Flexible – Faro arm & White light scanning

  • Design of casting & machining process


Development Center - Development Process

Development process flowchart.png

In our drive of Innovation, Rapid Proto Type Castings are developed via 3D Sand Printing Technology in place of long lead hard toolings and  5 - Axis machining centre for doing Machining with minimal machining toolings. 

With early engagement with customers in design phase and rapid prototyping the time to market products is drastically reduced. Added to it is the ease to manage the initial design changes in new products with lower cost.

5 axis machine tooling proocess-e.png

Deckel Maho - 5-Axis machine

3D printed Core package

3D printed Core package

Rapid Protoyping  Requirements


3D Printing Requirements

3D CAD Model needed from Customer as a Main Input for initiating activities for proto sample.


Advantages of Proto Making via 3D Sand Printing

  • Lead time of Rapid Proto Samples via 3D Printing gets reduced to just 90 days in place of 270 days as required in conventional hard toolings.

  • Saving in tooling costs.



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Pro E.jpg