Grey C.I. Foundry :

# Cylinder Blocks :- All types of inline and 'V' type upto 3000 Kgs.per Piece, raw or machined.
# Cylinder Heads :- All types, single cylinder upto 6 cylinder, from 15 Kgs.per Piece to 130 Kgs.per Piece, multicored, raw or machined.
# Other complex cored castings upto 3000 kgs / pc.
# Machine moulding, Compaction moulding and High Pressure moulding under construction with semi or automatic handling.
# Oil sand cores, shell cores, cold box cores

Crankshaft Machining :
# 30 Kgs.per Piece to 1000 Kgs.per Piece, 3 cylinder to 16 cylinder configuration, full fillet hardened crankshafts complete machining.

Component Machining :
# Cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, tractor components and automotive components.
# Inhouse Machines building and Jigs & Fixtures manufacturing capability as per customer's drawings.

Assemblies :
# Water pump assemblies, Lub oil pump assemblies.
Cylinder Head assemblies.

* One of the few QS-9000 certified foundries in India.
* Approved as 'Worldwide Source' for Cummins Engine Co., U.S.A., In-line as well as 'V' type    blocks and heads are regularly exported through Cummins India Ltd..
* Certified by Cummins, Daventry, U.K., in 1995 As 'Ship to Use' supplier.
* Certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping, U.K., since 1995.

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